Monday, August 18, 2014

Country Roaddds! Take me Hoooome!

After a whole lot of prayer and a big leap of faith, I left an incredible job as the youth minister at St. Maria Goretti in Westfield to move back home to Lafayette and begin working as a campus minister at my old high school! For years I've stayed involved with retreats, substitute teaching, even lunch duty at Central Catholic and when they offered me this position, I just couldn't say no! Leaving St. Maria Goretti was hard, but I know it's God's plan and it has been an amazing transition! :) I have so much to rejoice about!

It's been so good to get back to Lafayette, with my family and friends, and to a work schedule that is a bit more balanced. I have the most beautiful apartment (pictures soon!) and it's been wonderful having friends over to visit! I'm teaching seniors in Theology: Church History. The teaching thing has been new, but I read an entire textbook in one night and it helped a lot! I totally recommend "The First Days of School" by Harry & Rosemary Wong. Woa! It was like teacher boot camp!

So that's what is new.. I hope, with the personal life I've just discovered, to be able to blog more often and make it a regular part of my life. I'll be sure to share things we're doing in class, stories & pictures from my life and the ever-popular Top 10 Lists that you know I love. :)

Good to be back!