Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Shopping - This is how we do it!

I love to give Christmas presents. I spend days thinking about each person on my list and the perfect gift to bring a smile. I like to support local (and most especially Christian/Catholic) stores and find unconventional items. Unfortunately, my mind goes "Let's-Oprah's-Favorite-Things-This!" and my wallet goes "Bah-Humbug!" I just can't give what I'd like to. So I make my presents or find creative ways to give something meaningful (I'd tell you what I'm giving my brothers, but I'm afraid they'd see.. I'm excited -- Stay tuned.). But that doesn't stop me from shopping..

My Gift of the Season: Tiny Saints!
I found these at NCYC and I'm smitten! Dozens of different saints 
-- they're perfect to clip on your favorite rosary, a bookbag zipper 
or even your car rearview! Go to to find them!

In the last few years I've been sending my mom a list of suggested gifts for everyone in the family.. I get to do the shopping and she gets to do the "From Mom and Dad"-ing. Truthfully, I don't even know if she looks at the whole list. But if it's the thought that counts, I'm scoring every time. :)

Here are a few of my favorite places to find great gifts! is a gift-giving vortex and I always cross-check with for the best prices, but these are some lesser-known ways to get great ideas! Please, let me give vicariously through you! 

Little tip: find the Bestsellers section first and watch those reviews!

This is just a hub site. Each gift sends you out to a linked spot where you can buy the item. But it's a great place to browse and it even offers sections like "for him", "for her" and personalized suggestions by someone's personality type.

I like to just browse this site for fun! These gifts are really creative and interesting -- albeit a little expensive. You probably could make some of these, so it might spark some good DIY ideas.

These are great for kids and adults alike! I like giving gifts that are different -- PerpetualKid has many practical gifts with a fun twist. Like a toned-down SkyMall.

We don't have a lot of geeks in our family -- mostly dorks. But there is still a lot on this site that would make fun gifts! If you have a Star Wars/Trek, Big Bang Theory or gaming lover in your family, head here!

If your style is more homey, try shopping at! Clothes, decor, books and more -- this is a great one-stop-shop. I personally think going into this store is better than shopping online in this case. Always cute, cozy and clever things to find in here.

Uhm, I'm going to have to ask you to not judge me here. I have become a huge QVC fan. I haven't bought anything yet, but the odds are if you turn my TV on at any time, Today's Special Value will pop on the screen. :) With great prices, easy pay and reviews, this is a good place to get quality gifts. Just be careful not to shop for yourself. I have a wishlist longer than I'd like to admit.

For Kids:
There are sooo many great sites for kids' toys.. Land of Nod, HearthSong, even Target! Kids aren't hard to buy for, so I'll let you on your own there. Truth be told, all of the sites above have great gifts for young people! Go to town, ye wisemen and women.

The End
So, there you have it! All my gift-giving secret sites! Good luck!

And if you're really having trouble, my fourth calling in life (besides youth ministry, wedding/part planning and hair-cutting) is professional gift buyer. Especially around this time of year, I kinda wish that vocation had panned out.. :) Happy to help if you need it!

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