Monday, July 8, 2013

Lost Friendships.

Ever felt lonely in a crowd?

Ever thought you're missing the friend you've always wanted?

The harsh reality of abortion is that we all have missed out on the friends those people were never allowed to be. With 1/3 of our generation lost, there are some pretty big gaps in our circle of friends.

Yes, we may have murdered the person who would have cured cancer.

Yes, we may have disposed of the human who would have solved this financial crisis.

(Although, I think that had our country been filled with the 50+million people we've aborted, we wouldn't even BE in this financial crisis.)

But if you bring it a little closer to home, we're missing out on friends. On lovers. On roommates (good and bad).

There are a lot of inside jokes never to be had.

There are a lot of coffees never to have gotten cold from too much talking.

A lot of pieces of pizza that would not have been left over.

Oh, how sad.

How sad that we are so deprived and yet we snap at anyone who dares to point out the loss -- not the triumph -- that is abortion!

What petulant children we become when we fight for the right to be more alone in this world..

And then there's this:

In January, HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people will head to Washington DC for the March for Life.   The media refuses to cover this (which is really kind of amazing.. the streets are all packed like this!), but who cares??! Consider planning your trip this year! And stand up for the friends you've lost to abortion.