Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Summer Fun-list!

My favorite summer song.
And winter song. 
Okay, all the time song.

Listen while you read! :) 

I made a list of 50 things I want to do this summer.. Some big, some small. But I'm on this kick where I try each day to do something that brings a breath of fresh air to my life! It might be lunch with a dear friend or a walk on local trails, but I find that no matter how small the act making this a priority is inspiring and uplifting to me! So, let's make a summer out of it! These are in no particular order and once I do them, I'll add a picture and a description!

** Okay.. You won't believe this.. I made this list, THEN numbered them and came up with exactly 50! Hello, Holy Spirit! :) Now I'm excited!!

✔ 1. Go to a concert at outside arena Deer Creek (Jimmy Buffett, maybe?) - It was Jimmy Buffett!! I got three free tickets and took my friends Jenna and Ruby! It was a bit crazy!
2. Sit at my neighborhood pool all. day. long (I live in a retirement community, it's great!)
3. Read a book in the grass
4. Plant herbs
5. Learn to make the perfect Mojito

✔ 6. Explore a new place - My brother Michael and I went to the prison where they filmed Shawshank Redemption! It was soooo cool!

✔ 7. Spend a weekend at the cottage on Lake Erie - Even though it basically rained the whole time, I had a few days of rest at the cottage and spent some time with my family in Cleveland. 
8. Go to the Farmer's Market and try something new - I went to an Olive Oil booth and got this Honey Balsamic Vinegar! It's fantastic!
9. Resurrect the Moscow Mule cocktail

✔ 10. Try a new recipe - Well, this is actually an old recipe. For our Irish festival my grandmother makes thousands of scones, but I went to help for the first time! It was a lot of fun!
11. Put my fav photos in frames

 12. Start going to the library again - I joined the Westfield Public Library and started a'rentin'!
13. Take my siblings to the zoo
14. Leave notes on co-workers cars
15. Win something (not hard.. I win stuff all the time!)

16. Make a summer 2013 mix CD - I kind of had a "bands covering other bands" thing going on!
17. Go to the State Fair (I've never been!) - It just never worked out. I watched this instead.
18. Spend a day at the spa - Got mani/pedis with my mom for my birthday!
19. Find a new summer make-up product - I love heighth in my hair. The bigger, the better! This is called Backcomb in a Bottle and it's amazing! Keeps the efforts of my teasing comb apparent all day! Wow!
20. Organize all my keepsakes - It's nothing pretty, but when I moved out of my old place I took one rubermaid container and organized all my pictures, letters and memorabilia! It was fun to go through!
21. Make some jewelry (I'll go to Vons!)
22. Take dinner to a friend for no reason
23. Catch some lightening bugs
24. Sketch and frame a pretty scene
25. Swap a book with a friend -
26. Make s'mores
27. Meet up with an old friend - MK! My first college roommate and a friend I haven't seen in 9 years! After spending 4 years teaching English in South Korea & Kuwait, she now lives 15 minutes away and she invited me over to her house! We laughed/talked/reminisced for hours! Love that girl!
28. Do a difficult Pinterest craft
29. Record a few songs
30. Play at O'Bryan's again
31. Go to the drive-in movies
32. Make a photo album of the summer

33. Play at an open mic night - Done and done! I covered Grease's "You're The One That I Want" and had a blast!
34. Learn some Italian
✔ 35. Do something different with my hair.. Not too crazy! - Well, this is crazy for me! A dear friend of mine convinced me to grow it out! I've never had my hair longer than shoulder length and I've been getting lots of compliments!
36. Join a book club
37. Get a dog - He is still not really named, but soo loved! He is my dream dog -- a mini English Sheepdog! And he's perfectly behaved and already trained. Love!
38. Order and sell my CDs again

✔ 39. Enjoy a root beer float - I had this one at Bruno's in West Lafayette. It had vanilla vodka in it. 'Nuff said.
✔ 40. Wear a toe ring - Okay, there is no reason why a picture of my foot should be online. Trust me. I got a toe ring. 
41. Attend a community event
42. Watch the sunrise - I did this, but it was a cloudy day and the pictures weren't very good.

✔ 43. Watch the sunset - At the lake! Yes, ma'am!
44. Stargaze
45. Use the canvases sitting in my garage and paint - I don't think I'm done with it yet, but its a start. I did this in about 12 minutes before some of my friends came for the weekend! When the first one arrived I asked her, "Umm.. Does it smell like paint in here?"
46. Make a Catechetical video
47. Build a sandcastle
48. Have an all-night movie marathon - My sister and I didn't make it the whole night, but we had an "H"-themed movie night! Hairspray, Hunger Games and

49. Get a new summer purse - I found this at Claire's today (while I was getting my toe ring) and although I don't usually go for the across the body bag, I like it! Very bright and summery! Update: this bag was horrible.
50. Go fishing

Whew! That got me excited for the next few months! What are your plans for the summer? If you have your own list of to-do's the summer tell me and I'll link them below!


  1. I found your blog via 7 quick takes and kept on reading! As I read through your list, I was inspired to make my own--I've got the summer off of work and love the idea of doing something uplifting every day! Thanks for the idea! Off to go make my list :)

  2. I'll link yours, Jourdan! Should be fun! :)

  3. Ooh, now I want to make my own list! What fun! :)