Friday, May 10, 2013

Music in the Church

I saw this from Catholic Memes and I wanted to talk about it..

I'm not a big fan of this attitude toward contemporary sacred music..

Now, let me be clear. I grew up at a parish with an organ and a beautiful devotion to chant and old hymns. Do you have the St. Michael Hymnal at your parish? Yeah, that was created at mine. I have a deep love for this kind of sacred music in the Church and I love the solemn reverence.

However, I have also always found a great level of prayerfulness and devotion in some contemporary songs. They may not be as solemn, but it doesn't mean they are any less reverent! Are they all appropriate for Mass? No. But remind me.. In what year did sacred music and the culture become so incongruous? THANK GOD someone invented the organ. Otherwise all our efforts would be in vain.. (Sigh)

Listen, I've read the documents. I understand that chant should be given a place of pride and that the organ is the instrument of the Church! I love both! But don't you think, at some point in history, somebody could have come up with a hymn that all the right moves but didnt bowl people over? Really.. When did God stop inspiring Catholic composers?? The fact is, our attempts at worship will never equal the glory of God! We're all grasping at straws.. Some just may be those curly straws you get at birthday parties. :)

American Catholics make up 6% of the world's Catholics. Go to a Mass in Africa and tell me that there's only one hymnal for the universal Church. It seems that we limit God when we say that He can only be praised in one way. What about the sweet, childlike wonder that can be found in adoring Him with a simple song from the soul? I think Jesus looks at the disposition of the heart of the singer, not the composition of the music on the page when He is pleased with our worship.

Let me be clear: I don't have a problem with promoting chant or hymns. If the Church considers it #1, sounds good to me! :) What I have a problem with is dismissing the quality of worship of any other type of music in a way that demeans the faith of the composer or those who enjoy it. It's comments like the above meme that I think are pitiful and I know we can do better at promoting musical restoration in the Church.

Now.. Excuse me while I rock out to "Long Live the Pope".

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