Thursday, May 9, 2013

7 Quick Takes - Exciting, Disturbing & Reminiscent

Hey there! Hope you had a great week!

1. So, you know I was born in Ireland. And I can turn my accent on and off like nobody's business. My junior high class has been asking me to speak with the accent and I said if they could remember one of my lessons from earlier in the year, I would think about it. In the fall I taught them how to make a good apology. I don't remember where I read this, but it's been a great lesson for myself! You say;
-- I'm so sorry.
-- It was my fault.
-- It won't happen again.
-- What can I do to make it better?
So I asked them.. "How do you make a good apology?" And one kid raised his hand quickly and said, "I remember!" He crumpled his face, started to fake cry and said, "Pleeeeeease don't haaaaaate me!!" LOL I laughed so hard that I gave them playground time. I love my job!

2. I'm going to Italy for the first time! Okay, it's still more than a year away, but I'll be heading over the sea with my pastor and youth group on an amazing two-week trip next summer! Until then I'll be learning Italian, reading travel books and watching Under the Tuscan Sun over and over and over again! (Sigh) "It even smells purple." I can't wait!

3. Michael Mette came to Goretti! Have you heard him? Michael is an amazing Catholic musician (seriously, the kids said, "Caitie Rose, why don't YOU play guitar like that?" I told them they couldn't handle my talent at full throttle) and is touring the country with his family in an airstream! If you don't bring him to your parish, ya crazy! Get it on and get on his "Bring Forth the Light" tour! My favorite song he sang went like this: "When I consume Your Body, and I consume Your Blood, please consume my heart." He's awesome!

4. Even more exciting tho, we had 80 students Confirmed this past weekend! The Mass was beautiful! All week I had been singing this song and, having interviewed each and every teen myself, it was truly an honor to see them receive this Sacrament! *Weeeep!* P.S. A peice of advice for my fellow youth ministers: get more cake than you think you'll need. Ain't nothing more scary than the mothers of new Confirmed teens after the cake runs out. Whew!

5. Have you been keeping up with the case in Cleveland with the three girls who escaped their abductor? I visit Cleveland frequently and have read about these girls for years! I have been obsessed these last few days! I'm just riveted! But at lunch with my co-workers I realized I might have a problem when our Religious Ed coordinator put her sandwich down as I brough the others up to speed on the grusome details of the case. I can't help it! I'm glued!

6. Speaking of, since I don't live in Cleveland, I didn't have access to TV newscasts so I was watching online streaming video. One news network left theirs up between newscasts and as it filmed a street corner, a production assistant came in front of the camera and, while talking to the control room, repeated a phone number and code a couple times. I wrote it down and, when curiosity got the best of me, called it, entered the code and was shortly connected to the station's tele-conference in preparation of that night's 11 o'clock news. Remember when you first heard that THREE guys -- not just one -- were being held for questioning? Yeah, I heard that an hour or more before you did. Thankfully the producer said it was no big deal but I felt like a young Diane Sawyer.

7. Finally, I was going through my Facebook pictures and found a whole album of Graffiti drawings I'd done for people a few years back.. Some are inside jokes, but my talent is really quite notable and I have to share.. Don't judge me for the time I apparently had on my hands back then. I wasn't in youth ministry at the time. :)

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 My gay marriage debate will resume again in the next week or two! Come on back and say hello! :)


  1. You're a oyuth minister?? That's awesome, me too! I have been to Italy twice, SUCH a beautiful country, my fav city was Assisi, hope you get a chance to go there:)

    1. Awesome! We WILL be going to Assisi! I'm pumped! How do you like youth ministry?

  2. Never saw your blog before, it's brill! What part of Ireland are you from? I'm Irish myself, live in the North :)

    1. Hey Irish lady! I'm from Athlone but spent a lot of time in Belfast. You?

  3. #6 made me laugh. That takes guts, girl.

  4. Found you on 7 QT and just thought I'd tell you I love the Queen Peace photo. We have that on our girl's bedroom.

    1. Isn't it lovely? Of course, our Blessed Mother never takes a bad picture (or painting). LOL!