Friday, April 5, 2013

The Gay Debate Preamble

For the past week or two I've been discussing gay marriage on Facebook with friends. Thankfully it's been generally respectful. I know others, on both "sides" of the fence have not been so lucky. I'm glad to have friends who, although we might disagree, show love and respect as we forge this daunting discussion.

In the next few weeks I'll be starting a little series on the topic here. I find that good citations, complete thoughts and focused discussions are hard to have on FaceBook with its quick pace and limited space. Providing (attempted) complete arguments here may provide remedy for that jumping around from point to point thing on the FB. I'll be addressing some of the most frequent questions on gay marriage, such as:

Why don't gay couples have the right to marriage? 
Isn't homosexuality is just as natural as heterosexuality?
Straight people abuse the "sanctity" of marriage everyday! Why all the fuss over gay marriage?
What's wrong with gay parents?
What are you so afraid of?

As I post each response to the questions, I will link them above.

And I will not be referring to the Bible or the Church and here's why: rest assured I love and honor our Holy Mother Church greatly! But because most of the arguments people use FOR gay marriage have a separation-of-Church-and-State kind of foundation, most people would disregard her teachings, saying that they're irrelevant when speaking about a "State" issue. Here's how I see it:

Truth is, you don't have to recognize the left side of the above system to work out the right side. Are they connected? Uh, yeah. But I'm going to focus on the right side to defend marriage and you'll see that it will naturally balance out with the left side.

Now, you might say, "But clearly! Your views are religiously rooted!" Well, yes ma'am, they are. But so are my views on murder. And yet, somehow, in Courthouses around this Church-vs-State country, we are able to determine that killing another person is morally wrong. We can make moral deductions without religion. Therefore, if I'm not bringing the Church into it and you're not bringing the Church into it, the argument of separation of Church and State is irrelevant. And if you want a quick understanding of how the Church feels about gay people, check out this video:

Seriously.. Just watch that video. I love him.

And one last thing.. Philosophy is not about religion, or even spirituality. Philosophy is the exploration of reason and logic and arguments. Not a fight or quarrel . I'm talking arguments in the sense that one can give solid premises to a conclusion. Check out this site for a clearer understanding. So, for example, if I were to say that tulips are discriminated against by not being on the endangered species list, I would need to prove that (1.) they are in fact animals; (2.) they meet the qualifications of being on the endangered list; (3.) they are purposefully not included. If, however, it was proven that tulips aren't animals and that they're not in fact endangered, it doesn't matter how many sob stories these tulips provide, it's not a sound argument.

Stay tuned for answers to the above questions! I'll add posts if other questions don't fit into these. And feel safe to discuss here. I will not allow disrespectful words or attitudes here and will monitor the comments so that they remain appropriate and considerate to all involved. 

God bless!

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